Your guide to Renew ECP Therapy

Everything you need to know

How does ECP work?

Once comfortable on the Renew Therapy treatment bed, inflatable cuffs (similar to blood pressure cuffs) are wrapped around the calves, thighs and hips. ECG sensors are then placed on the chest for heartbeat detection. During treatment, the cuffs inflate and deflate in time with each heartbeat. Inflation happens sequentially from the calves up to the hip, boosting blood flow in and around the heart. The rhythmic pulsing of the cuffs is firm, yet comfortable – like a leg massage.

What impact does Renew ECP have?

Better Circulation. Better Health

Renew Therapy helps the cardiovascular system stay stronger for longer by boosting blood circulation. The increased blood flow delivers increased oxygen, nutrients, antibodies that cells need to support, repair and protect the body. It also increases removal of waste, preventing the build-up of harmful substances over time. Enhancing the efficiency of the heart and blood vessels through improved blood circulation can improve quality of life, boost recovery and reduce the potential risk of serious long-term health problems.

A stronger heart

The ultra-precise timing of the treatment in tune with the heart, contributes to diastolic augmentation – an increase in pressure when the heart is at rest between beats, and allows systolic unloading – a reduction in pressure when the heart beats, thereby decreasing workload on the heart. Combined, these actions boost cardiac output and blood flow to the heart and to the rest of the body’s major organs.

Boosting Endothelial function

Continued treatments of Renew ECP Therapy have been shown to dramatically increase sheer stress. This can lead to improved vascular health, in the form of enhanced endothelial function and reduced arterial stiffness. Consequently, Nitric Oxide levels are boosted during and post treatment and harmful ET-1, that contributes to the stiffening of arteries, are reduced.

Increased levels of angiogenesis

Studies have shown increased levels of angiogenesis (where new blood vessels are formed to bypass congested arteries). These findings suggest potential benefits in terms of both recovery and longer-term protective benefits to overall health.

Reduced inflammation and stress

Research has shown a series of ECP Therapy treatments can reduce the levels of several markers of inflammation in the blood.

Do you have more questions?

If you have any questions about how Renew ECP Therapy works, the key benefits or what it feels like we have a comprehensive FAQ section.

What is endothelial dysfunction?

The endothelium produces nitric oxide when stimulated through increased blood flow. Find out how this impacts on overall health and sports performance.

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