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Severe angina symptoms can make it difficult to maintain an active life or even perform the simplest tasks. A full programme of ECP treatments is clinically proven to significantly reduce angina symptoms (chest pain, shortness of breath, weakness). This in turn can lead to a reduction in some medication use. Evidence shows that over 80% of patients with refractory angina experience an overall improvement in quality of life and an increase in their energy levels. The ongoing benefits of Renew ECP Therapy can last for a number of years after treatment.

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I regained my confidence

After being diagnosed with heart disease, Caroline felt overwhelmed with the prospect of living with the life-changing condition. Hear how she rebuilt her confidence and took back control of her heart health.
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ECP is non-invasive, validated and effective.

Dr Robin Roberts, has treated hundreds of patients with ECP Therapy. Here, he explains how ECP works to help restore cardiovascular health and help change lives.
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