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Renew ECP Therapy meets the needs of various people who are seeking to proactively manage and improve their health and wellness. By enhancing circulation, Renew ECP treatments promote mental and physical wellbeing.

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Improving health through increased activity

Mark Jones explains how Renew ECP Therapy can positively boost cardiovascular health in people who have a sedentary lifestyle and be the 'stepping stone' to a healthier, fitter life.
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Expert Review

Protecting long term health

Professor John Buckley from University College Shrewsbury is currently researching the role of ECP therapy in promoting good long term health and recovery.
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How Renew ECP works

Find out more about this non-invasive, pain-free treatment that improves heart health

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Introducing Your Endothelium

One of the most extraordinary parts of our body is the endothelium. Though invisible to the naked eye, it plays a huge role in keeping our hearts, blood pressure, and our cardiovascular system.