Introducing your Endotholium!

One of the most extraordinary parts of our body is the endothelium. Though invisible to the naked eye, it plays a huge role in keeping our hearts, blood pressure, and our cardiovascular system functioning on a healthy level and preventing ill-health.


The endothelium is the thin layer of cells that lines the inner walls of our arteries. It is the inner lining of our blood vessels and plays a critical role in the development of illnesses, including peripheral vascular disease, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, insulin resistance, chronic kidney failure.

We now know that the endothelium is a metabolically active organ. When your blood flow increases, the endothelium reacts by releasing a chemical called nitric oxide NO that controls how and when our arteries dilate. When blood flow is at a slower pace or you are inactive for long periods a chemical Endothelial NT-1 is released that constricts the arteries. Ultimately, increased blood circulation has a positive effect on our arteries by keeping the arteries ‘supple’ and reduces the risk of atherosclerosis (plaque building up inside the arteries) and causing arterial stiffness.


At any age, the endothelium responds favourably to a healthy diet and regular exercise whereas smoking, stress, irregular sleep patterns and illness can have a negative impact (endothelial dysfunction).


Endothelial dysfunction is accelerated by plaque formation (under the endothelial lining) within the arteries. This directly influences the blood flow to the heart, kidneys, brain, lungs and other organs in the body. If untreated, this may lead to serious health conditions such as atherosclerosis, hypertension and diabetes.


How Renew ECP helps improve endothelial function


Quite simply, Renew ECP Therapy is designed like a passive form of exercise that boosts the body’s blood flow. Many research studies have shown that the increased blood circulating directly increases improves endothelial function, increases NO and decreases /NT-1 levels.


With continued treatments, this can lead to improved vascular health, in the form of enhanced endothelial function and reduced arterial stiffness. It is especially relevant to those who are unable to exercise to a high level due to age, illness or lifestyle barriers.