Partner with Renew Health to grow your business

Becoming part of the Renew Health network will allow you to expand your client service portfolio incorporating the very latest technology with proven results.

Renew Therapy offers a multitude of clinically proven health benefits for healthy people seeking to prevent illness and maintain long term good health, and for elite athletes focusing on optimising their performance.

Health and wellbeing professionals

Your clients are predisposed to look after themselves, inside and out. So when it comes to wellbeing, Renew Therapy can help you deliver the results they want.

Renew Therapy is an opportunity to give your clients a new, unique and advanced treatment that will raise your profile, reputation and competitiveness. Not only will you attract new clients, the results they see and feel will keep them coming back for more.

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Elite sport providers

Every athlete is chasing that elusive competitive edge – and so are the coaching and training centres who support them. Give yours an advantage with a treatment that’s already taking the US, Australia and Asia by storm.

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Cardiac clinics

Renew ECP Therapy can be offered to patients who have debilitating cardiovascular disease including those with angina, heart failure or undergoing cardiac rehabilitation. The safe, non-invasive treatment has shown to improve quality of life, increase exercise capacity and vitality, helping patients lead a more active and pain free life. Additional benefits include patient cost savings through reduced re-hospitalisation and medication.

Find more information on clinical studies outlining the effectiveness of ECP technology.